FLY girl, Mentoring Program

We are committed to inspire, responsible to empower, and support every FLY girl in their personal success.

F.L.Y. girl teaches young girls how to First Love Yourself by helping rebuild their confidence through passion, dedication, and leadership. FLY girl provides mentoring sessions in group setting for young girls in the Twin Cities area. This program has partnered with local community centers to help bring FLY girl into existence. As a mentoring program, we focus on helping the mentees maintain their educational and career goals (e.g. high school diploma/college); to learn effective communication skills, to improve speaking/writing skills, life skills, developing self-esteem, career opportunities, and preparation to live and work in society.

FLY girl is designed to help young girls seek their purpose and have a successful life. The program aid towards young girls between the ages 11-18. A key element of the program is to identify young girls that are experiencing turbulent transitions into young adulthood and to offer them a positive support system to avoid distractions that can derail their lives. Our focus is to empower the young girls to make positive choices that will impact their lives.